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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging - SunPeople is plugged in and ready to assist!

Posted by SunPeople on Jun 2, 2022 10:15:48 AM

The demand for Electric Vehicles in Australia and around the world has surged in recent months and is only being hindered by availability. In Australia, EVs have even overtaken their ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) competitors on the most popular passenger vehicles charts. As COVID induced manufacturing and transport delays continue to ease, the presence of EVs will continue to grow.

As a well established local business, SunPeople is ahead of the curve. We have been appointed as the authorised local Reseller/ Installation Partner for JET Charge, Australia’s largest provider of EV charging infrastructure for all levels of residential and commercial charging requirements. JET Charge is the preferred EV Charger provider for the vast majority of existing and new EV manufacturers including:

  • Hyundai
  • Audi
  • Tesla
  • BYD
  • Volvo
  • Mazda
  • MG
  • Harley Davidson Cycles
  • Mercedes
  • And any more! 

Whether it is a single unit for your home charging, for the body corporate of a large residential unit block or a commercial or fleet requirement, we have the knowledge, expertise and partners to specify the best solution. From individual hardware selection to multi-user billing requirements, we can deliver.

EV Chargers

EV chargers come in various sizes and configurations and are used to recharge the battery of your electric or hybrid electric vehicles. Depending on your specific requirements, and power supply infrastructure, these devices can provide standard or fast charging capabilities. Having solar generation and battery storage capabilities further closes the loop in providing clean, renewable energy that is efficiently reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Charging Locations

EV chargers can be installed in residential homes, apartments and commercial properties to cater to personal, customer and all business fleet requirements.

Range Anxiety

There is a common misconception that EVs can't travel over long distances without running out of power. Since their initial release, the distance range of EVs has continued to increase. At the same time the number of publicly accessible EV charging units has also increased dramatically. According to Electric Vehicle Database the average range of an EV, as of May 2022, sits around 322km (200 miles) per charge. Couple this with the fact that the average distance Australians drive each day is 33 km and any worry of not making it to your daily destination can likely be alleviated.

A Strong Future for  EV Growth 

The Massive increase in demand for EVs has seen the NSW Government put together an Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Plan providing support for EV transition over the next 5 years. This support includes co-investing in EV charger installations in major regional corridors & commuter carparks.

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