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Quick tips about solar systems

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Posted by SunPeople on Nov 30, 2018 4:10:12 PM

Here's three quick tips we think you should know;

1. Know your consumption patterns

It’s a good idea to find out how much energy your household consumes prior to installing a new solar system or an upgrade. It’s more cost-effective to self-use solar power rather than sell it to the grid. Therefore, if you use a lot of electricity during the day, or you can program your appliances to run during the day, a solar system can drastically reduce your power bills and can see shorter payback periods.

In contrast, if you only use electricity around typical work hours, you will see a longer
payback period on your system.

2. Monitor production

Smart metering allows users to view their solar system’s production in real-time, allowing for more economic decisions regarding energy consumption. Depending on various factors, the peak production periods may vary from house to house. Smart monitoring can allow customers to run appliances etc when production is at its peak.

3. Install batteries 

Currently, it is far more cost-effective to use solar power rather than sell it to the grid. So if you’re at work in the middle of a sunny day when production is at its peak, any excess energy is sold back to the grid at a very low rate. By installing a battery, excess power can be stored for use at night time, or any time that consumption exceeds production.

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