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Cost-effective alternative to grid power

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Posted by SunPeople on Mar 25, 2020 12:10:22 PM

Originally published  FEBRUARY 5 2018 - 9:00AM 

Do you need a ‘green’ solution, allowing you to benefit from the abundance of sunshine Australia offers plus save money on your energy bills?

2018 is the ideal time to install renewable energy for your home or business. The payback period through your power bills for residential solar is generally under five years and for commercial solar it’s generally under four years, as businesses use more power during the day.

A five-year payback equals 20 per cent ROI which is much better than you can get from leaving your money in the bank - it truly is an investment.

SunPeople offer a cost-effective alternative to using power from the grid. With the latest battery innovation in the renewable energy sector, solar panels with a battery can save up to 80% on your energy bills. This allows you to further reduce your reliance on the grid.

When your solar system is producing electricity and you are not using all the power it makes, you can sell the excess to the grid, determined by your feed-in tariff.

“SunPeople work with the customer from concept until completion and beyond,” said manager and director Dave Love, who has been working in the electrical industry for 12 years and has a passion for solar. “The process begins with a free, on-site consultation to understand the customers power usage and to assess the site.

“We will then design the best system for your needs. The installation is completed by us, and after-sales service is provided - whether it be maintenance, repairs or upgrades. We don’t just sell a system and walk away.”

SunPeople have been in the electrical business for over 12 years. During the last two years the focus has been heavily on solar energy hence the birth of SunPeople as a stand-alone business alongside the electrical company Easther Electrical.

One of their recent customers in Oak Flats had a 5kW system installed. His first power bill after installation was $26 in credit!

“Offering on-site consultations is one of the important benefits we offer,” Dave said. “During a consultation we will get on the roof and take the time to ensure our systems can be installed, as we design them. Being local also means we are on hand if the customer has any concerns after installation.”

Solar features:

  • There is a mistaken perception that installing a solar system is expensive but Government rebates provide substantial discounts to the purchase price of solar.
  • You get a complete solar system package - all you need to start saving on your power bills.
  • Upgrades - now that solar panels have doubled in power and halved in price, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your old system.
  • Maintenance - most manufacturers recommend an annual inspection of the system and a panel clean if necessary.

Phone 4257 0974 or 0432 647 255. Located at 145A Industrial Lane, Oak Flats, see or Facebook @sunpeoplesolar or Instagram @sunpeoplesolar.

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